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Welcome to Oxford Place Wellness

The fitness facility for all of your needs

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About Us

Oxford gym offers 5,400 squares with high quality cardio equipment (treadmills, spin bikes, rowing machine, etc.). A complex variety of strength equipment (dumbbells, squat racks, landmine row, bench press, cables, etc.). There is also an open stretch area in a contemporary country club look.

Outdoor Gym

The Oxford Place Experience

Oxford Place supports the health and well-being of its tenants by creating an environment that promotes personal success through innovative health and wellness programs.

Memberships to any of the facilities are exclusive to tenants working within Oxford Place (Marine Building, MNP Tower, Guinness Tower and Oceanic Plaza) and access to the facility is restricted to tenants only. 


Fitness Is for Everyone

The concept of fitness is not confined to a particular age group, weight class, or level of expertise. Everyone can work on their health - regardless of their age, interests, goals, and lifestyle. Take exercising as a way to maintain your fitness.


No matter how old you are, physical activities are always an excellent way to keep active and boost your metabolic health. It gets the blood circulating to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the tissues in the body - helping your cardiovascular system to work more efficiently in the long run.

Fitness on Yoga Mat

Location of Fitness Centre

The Fitness Center is located on the lower main level of the Marine Building and can be accessed from within the building, on the lower level or through the entrance on Cordova St

Access with your building card

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