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We Believe in Fitness and we can change lives through fitness. Our vision is to be a positive medium where performance, weight loss and general fitness clients can come to achieve their goals while developing a better understanding of holistic health. We’re confident the learning clients experience training at Oxford Place will be applicable for a lifetime.” In this world full of negativity and doubts our hope is that we can remind others that all things are possible if


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We believe that exercise program should be tailored specifically to your needs to help you stay physically and mentally fit.  For that Oxford offers 45- and 60-minute One on One training sessions through LivNorth.

We also believe that group fitness is another way to get fit and become healthy in all aspects of your life, through healthy relationships. So, we offer pair and +4 group sessions. 

Contact Nass at to purchase sessions.

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Workout with Ropes


  • Erin Olmstead

Erin is a practicing Kinesiologist (BCAK), group fitness instructor (BCRPA) and fitness coordinator with 20 years of industry experience. She holds a Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree from UBC and is a Functional Movement Systems (FMS) certified professional.

Erin works with a variety of clients and is known for her ability to inspire and motivate while delivering quality programs in a one-on-one or group setting.

She believes in the importance of moving more and moving better. With this movement-based philosophy, Erin works to help clients build a strong foundation to facilitate their everyday pursuits.

Split Pose
Workout with Ropes
  • Nass Altariqi

Nass is a certified NCSF coach and ISSA Nutritionist. He enjoys helping others to transform through fitness! Nass has worked with many clients who have felt frustrated, overwhelmed, and helpless. He also likes working with advanced-level clients, beginners, and those who have failed in the past. 

His specialties are muscle gain, weight loss, and functional movements. In addition, Nass's circuit class is designed to get you up and moving with various exercises that help improve both muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness. 

He is also active on Instagram @Fit_Nass1, where he posts engaging fitness content and nutrition info.


Pricing & Packages

To view our current packages and pricing, you can click Here

For more info, contact Nass at 

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